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Training'S ARCHIVE

  • ADRENAL FATIGUE: Ep. 15: Glen Owen

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Blog, Gym, Nutrition, Tips, Training | on December 21, 2016

    After a long hiatus, ADRENAL FATIGUE IS BACK! This week, we’ve got special guest Glen Owen, owner of GO Performance. Glen and I delve into a number of different topics, including his recent fitness competition, evidence-based training, nutrition, and much more! And of course, classic segments such as BARGAIN MEAT OF THE WEEK and TALES […]

  • In this back-to-school special, we dig deep! Adam Klymkiw and Eitan Shapiro discuss body image as the motivation for exercise, the influence of steroids, artificially enhanced gym goers, and fat loss. And as always, we are under the influence of heavy adrenal fatigue! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | […]

  • Bullshit Excuses – Part 1: Time

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Blog, Gym, Tips, Training | on December 4, 2014

    I hear a lot of bullshit excuses as to why people don’t exercise. “I’m too tired.” “I’m sick.” “My spouse/parent/child died.” “I’m on fire.” But there is one lame-o, crappy excuse that sits upon the throne of bullshit excuses, and wears a crown of turds and waves a scepter of indifference: “I don’t have time.” […]

  • Deprivation

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Nutrition, Tips, Training | on May 9, 2014

    You want to get leaner? You’re going to have to deal with being hungry. It’s uncomfortable. But you need to realize and accept it. It can be a good exercises to give things up. To deprive oneself of habitual activities, indulgences, and routine. This is how we can discover and differentiate the essential from the […]

  • The 2 Most Important Things

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Gym, Nutrition, Tips, Training | on January 22, 2014

    The holidays are long over, and many people across the country are desperately trying to sweat off the cookies, eggnog, and stuffing in gyms. For some, this is their third week back in their routine, and they’re sticking to the program. Good work! We’ll see if you can sustain it. For others, in a few […]

  • Gymchat #219 – Fitness Trends

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Gym, News, Nutrition, Tips, Training | on October 17, 2013

    Watch the latest Gymchat I did with Josh Hewett! We BLOW THE LID OFF current fitness trends, and let you know what information you really need to stay fit, strong, lean and healthy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTf_d6FSzSc&feature=share  

  • Strength

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Gym, Training | on October 5, 2013

    Strength is the foundation of all fitness qualities. Sure, cardiorespiratory fitness is important. Everyone needs a healthy heart. However, as many good coaches have previously noted, the cardiovascular systems exists to support the muscular system, not the other way around. Even if you enjoy performing or compete in some kind of endurance-based event, a foundation […]

  • Compliance

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Nutrition, Training | on September 20, 2013

    As a personal trainer and strength coach, the biggest obstacle I find to getting clients the results they want is their failure to comply to my recommendations outside of the gym. Pushing people hard in the gym is easy. For the trainer, at least. Well, not always easy, as everyone has their on and off […]

  • Gymchat 211 – Training Approaches

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Gym, Nutrition, Tips, Training | on September 12, 2013

    I recently participated in this excellent training roundtable discussion! Check it out if you want some solid info on training, nutrition, and supplementation! Here’s the link: http://straighttothebar.com/articles/2013/09/gymchat_211_-_training_approaches_roundtable_1/ I’ll be doing another 1-on-1 gym chat on October 16th, so if there are any topics you’d like me to cover, send me a message and let me […]

  • You need an expensive gym membership… NOT.

    By Adam Klymkiw | In Training | on August 30, 2013

    A high-quality gym is a great resource. The ability to train with good equipment truly is a privilege, and with a properly designed program, is usually the fastest way to achieve your athletic and physique goals. However, it’s not the only way to get strong, lean, ripped, or what-have-you. Many people like to avoid commercial […]